TURBO CUPS - The Legend of A Pastoral Game
Turbo Cups had its beginnings in 1941.
The legend of the game comes to us from renowned physicist Dick "Doubleday" Granger who was working in his laboratory in the upper east side of Bellwood, IL.
While sipping a pint, he knocked over several large mouthed beekers off of a tall shelf. What happened next fueled the seeds of creation as he saw that some beekers had stayed upright after they had flipped onto a nearby table. The physics behind this revelations were staggering. The US Government seeked Granger out, after hearing about his discovery to develop war technology based on his findings. Alas, Doubleday refused to aid the USA and was smited for many years to come. Dick would use this technology for the betterment and well being of society. He would create a wonderful game based on his studies. Which would be known as TURBO CUPS. (Turbous Cuptorus)
After the initial findings, he worked out a formula for flipping plastic cups after breaking several glass containers. These proved to be much more efficient.
He also found, that if you drink the liquid out of the cup before flipping it, the contents would not spill all over your shoes. Utter brillance.
He developed the early version of "TURBO CUPS" for many years, always in competition with Douche Naismith Flipcharles, who was rumored to have founded a similar but lamer game known as "FLIPPY CUPS". The two would battle for supremacy over the cup flipping gaming industry for years to come.

Douche Naismith Flipcharles

While it was not proven, Flipcharles was said to have been a NAZI sympathizer during the war, giving Hitler "Flippy Cup" Technology. You can see here such evidence to that end. However, to this day, the "Flipcharles Estate" has denied any such wrongdoings.

Did Adolf Hitler use Flipcharles' technology?
Historical photo from the recent A&E Biography

Dick continued his work even in the prescense of a more successful adversary. Douche Flipcharles' game proved to be for the casual crowd, while the more hardcore needed the "Doubleday" version of the game.
However Dick struggled to fine tune his version over his many years. He searched for inspiration on the ultimate technique and style of play in many locales, hoping to find the perfect rules and style.

1969 - Doubleday at Woostock
Perfecting the Game

Dick reached his milestone in the Fall of 1994, where he achieved the perfect version of the game which rules are shown below. Unfortunately, right after his finalized version became widespread, he was attacked by a grizzly bear in Northern Canada while fishing. He survived the attack... for about 28 seconds. He was given the Noble Prize on behalf of his work and is considered a friend to our membership.
Long Live Granger.
Long Live Turbo Cups.
This biography will be periodically revised as new information surfaces. Thank you for your time. -
"TCA... "F&*k Flippy Cups"



General Rules
- Any liquid besides Water can be used.
- The Offical Cup Size is 16oz., but any smaller or larger plastic cup can be used.
- The Offical pour is 12oz. (NO LESS)


STEP 1) The Pour
Pour Any 12oz. of liquid into any sanctioned official Turbo Cups Official Game Cup, or 16oz. Plastic Cup (such as a SOLO CUP). This rule goes for all players.


STEP 2) The Stare
Single Players - Make sure you have equal amounts of liquid, and line the cups up on the table. The match begins when the ref yells, READY LEAN CHUG! (Although variations to this yell are acceptable)
(At this point you can grab your cup, but you cannot drink)
Relay Players - Have your team lineup along the table, choosing a starter and an "anchor" (The last player to go). - Make sure you have equal amounts of liquid, and line the cups up on the table. The starters must both play from the same end. The match begins when the ref yells, READY LEAN CHUG! (At this point the starters can grab their cups, but they cannot drink)


STEP 3) The Cheers
Single Players - Now that you are holding the cup, you must "cheer" your opponent. Once the cups touch, the game starts and you must drink as fast as you can.
Relay Players - Now that the starters are holding their cups, they must "cheer" each other. Once the cups touch, the relay game starts and they must drink as fast as they can. The next person in line is allowed to hold their cup but not drink it!


STEP 4) The Chug
Single Players - You must finish off all the liquid in the cup. No profuse spilling is allowed. If you spill to much, the ref may DQ you.
Relay Players - The Starters must finish all the liquid in the cup. No profuse spilling is allowed. If they spill to much, the ref may DQ the team. The starters must cotinue to go through Steps 5, 6 and 7 before the next person on their team can play. 


STEP 5) The Place
Single Players - You must set your empty cup on the side of the playing table UPSIDE DOWN (Not Right Side Up).
Relay Players - The Starters must set their empty cup on the side of the playing table UPSIDE DOWN (Not Right Side Up).


STEP 6) The Flip
Single / Relay Players - Once the cup has been placed upside down on the table edge, begin to hit it from its rim flipping it in the air at least one rotation. If the cup lands back upside down without falling over you have completed the game. If the cup falls over, quickly grab it and reposition it on the edge of the table. Continue to flip. You will keep doing this until it lands correctly.
NOTE: If your cup falls off the table, you may grab a nearby cup that is not your opponents unless the day's rules specify you can't. At all times respect your opponent if their cup falls off the table on your side. If possible, retrieve it for them.


STEP 7) The Win
Single Players - If the cup lands UPSIDE down without falling over you are the winner. If your opponent is still drinking, they must continue to finish any liquid left in their cup. bragging rights are now yours!
Relay Players - If the Cup lands UPSIDE Down without falling over, that person has completed their turn. The next person in line on your team must now start their Chug. Any others players down the line must wait until all players in front of them have completed their Flip before they can Chug. This will continue until all players on either team have finished all available drinks.
If your team has won, and your opponent still has people that have not gone, they must continue to finish any liquid left in their cups. Bragging rights are now yours!


Remember, this game is for any beverage. We do not promote or approve the use of alcoholic beverages in this game. Please use all precautions and safety with any competitive eating or drinking competition! This is for entertainment purposes only!


COTU !!!

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