SIGMA DELTA is a local / social Fratority organized to meet and to satisfy the social, academic, and emotional needs of the Lewis University Community. We feel achievement of these goals is possible only through free and open communication among first, the membership, and secondly, the membership and the student community.

It is our purpose to encourage the growth and fulfillment of the personal goals of its members through the support and the help of the membership.

Presented here is our history and the roots of
Sigma Delta Fratority


It was way back in the day when "Dark Side of the Moon" wasn't even available at record stores yet. The hippie age of 1970s brought bad facial hair, bell bottoms and most likely the best music the world will ever know all in one shot.
And with all these things, in a small corner of the world in the great city of Romeoville, IL, there thrived a college finding its way.
Back in 1972, the area which is now Romeoville was almost as barren as one city could be. Lewis University was no exception. Having only a few residence halls as well as a bar in the student union, the population on campus needed something more to occupy its time. Pac-Man was years away, and HBO and ESPN were just dreams.
Lewis University had grown from its original aeronautics foundation into an education center that focused on many fields of study.
With this came business majors, theatre majors, nursing programs, law majors, education majors etc...
With the University shaping into the Lewis we know and love today, groups formed alongside their fields of interest. One of these groups was an organization called DELTA SIGMA PI. (DSP)


Sigma Delta has many roots to its origin story.
Here are but a few small tales of how this group came to be.
When Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity (DSP) was formed on the Lewis campus, it was formulated according to the bylaws of its national charter. Like many organizations at the time it was formed alongside a major (Being Business) and since it was a Fraternity, only men could join.
It was with this, that according to founding members of Sigma Delta, there was a member of DSP that was not a Business major, and was involved in DSP under false pretense.
Even though this member was an upstanding individual of the group, once he was found out not to have been a business major, he was immediately blackballed from the group.
This incident compounded with the fact that there had  been no explanations to what the "National Dues" owed to DSP were going to, had led several members to take action.
Not satisfied with the situation, former members of DSP quit shortly thereafter in response. This caused a rift amongst membership and the group that left realized that their number was large enough to start their own organization.
Through the support of longtime Lewis educator Brother John A. Maze, the group known as "the Founding Fathers" had a backbone. Someone who believed in their cause and justification for creating yet another Greek organization. But this was not to be just another cookie cutter group. It was to become something new and different. 
On November 1st, 1972, Br. John A. Maze along with the Founding Fathers started SIGMA DELTA FRATORITY.
A word coined by FF Peter Longo as a combination of the words Fraternity and Sorority.
The phrase has stuck over time and been used by several other organizations since.
Sigma Delta (A Juxtaposition of the "Delta Sigma" in Delta Sigma Pi) was born out of the thoughts that it most likely would not survive.
The premise was simple: Make the group, ALL MAJORS, ALL MEN, ALL WOMEN... ANYONE who wants to join.
This was unheard of at the time and laughable even in the 1970s.
By not tagging a Major to the group, Sigma Delta was unique (And some would say doomed due to the lack of focus) from the start.
As members from a former Fraternity, the idea as told by FF Mike Tumpane from a 1992 interview "We didn't want a little sister organization, we wanted the women to be our equals and have a voice".
Sigma Delta survived for the very reasons many thought it would fail. And to the suprise of many, Sigma Delta would become the largest social organization ever to grace Lewis University.


For all that it's worth Sigma Delta during the 70s was everywhere. The first years of the organization saw dozens and even hundreds of pledges in a few of the semesters. The idea was fresh, and allowing women to pledge right alongside the men was the most alluring feature that made Sigma Delta the "THING" to do at Lewis. It was with the first years that the original members made sure that Sigma Delta was not lumped in with other groups as a MAJOR SPECIFIC organization. This task was very difficult as most of the original members had a BUSINESS background. The word however spread fast that all students attending Lewis could pledge the fine organization.
The concept almost worked too well.
Alumni Accounts reports that the ETA class in 1976, had over 110 pledges (54 Finished) that started amongst a group of only thirty some actives. But with the leadership of Br. John A. Maze overseeing the group, it did not collapse under its own weight.




The organization thrived for many years. I know its hard to just sum up years of history with one quick sentence like that, but in all honesty, if we were to account for every story that can be told by the members of this organization involving the highlights and lowlights, we would have to pay more for this website.
Sigma Delta had its members come and go, and it took on an internal nature of bringing members back to take on jobs and become involved internally at Lewis University. Several members are faculty even today at Lewis University including the Dean of Students.
The mission of Sigma Delta has never subsided from the members of the 70s and 80s who continually come back to Lewis and participate and donate their time for the betterment of this campus.
The figurehead of the organization was one of those people who donated all his time and energy to the University and the people within.
The account told to me by the members that knew and loved him have told me several times, if it was not for Br. John "Snake" A. Maze, Sigma Delta would not have survived during these years.
When Br. John passed away in 1988, he was honored by the members by giving him the original banner which now rests with him. "He took a rag tag bunch of college students and helped them create something special."
Br. John was someone that always supported Sigma Delta. With him gone, other members took up the mantleship of overseeing the organization throughout the years such as Ed Green and Mike Altobella.
As time went on the stories of Br. John seemed almost larger then the man himself, but for those that knew him, they are accurate portrayals of a man who was a father figure to everyone.
The organization as well as Lewis University headed into the 1990s and with it would bring the end of the once barren land of Romeoville. The University started thriving like never before.


- 1997 / 1998 -
Every organization and group has a beginning and in one way or another will have an end. Sigma Delta is no exception to that rule, but it almost seemed as if the end was going to come on this organization too quickly.
In 1997, Sigma Delta, through all its ups and downs had a drought of memebership unlike anything in its previous history. Two factors culminated in the "almost" downfall of Sigma Delta.
The mid 1990s had brought contempt and angst for Greek organizations. Well before MTV decided broadcasting reality shows about them and make them interesting to the general college population again.
No one was intersted in pledging a group.
As always most thought they would be "hazed" as most uninformed people always assume. It was difficult to attract membership not just in Sigma Delta but every other organization at Lewis as well. There were victims from this time period such as the Friars and the TKE's who both had long standing traditions at Lewis University. The Fraternity system in general seemed to be phasing out at Lewis. The very reasons Sigma Delta became so popular was now going to be the very reason it would end. Unless you had the backing of a specific major, there was no way to guarantee pledges for your group. This too backfired on Sigma Delta.
The organzation was widely touted for allowing everyone to pledge but for some reason was mistaken for a Major specific organization at the time. Large amounts of theatre majors were integrated into Sigma Delta during the 1990s and without the numbers to help spread the word about the Sigma Delta mission, people assumed that you had to be a theatre major in order to join.
Of course this wasn't the case, but it lead to misinformation and in the end the confusion almost killed the group.
After several members graduated in the Fall of 1997, there were only three active members left of Sigma Delta. Going by the Lewis University standards set forth today as I write this in 2006, our organization would have been disassembled for lack of membership.
The three active members who every Sigma Delta should have the upmost respect for maintained the organization by which all accounts could have been left for dead.
saved Sigma Delta with a Rush effort that will forever be remembered in the archives of this organization.

John "Jaws" Garza, Nicole "Ouiser" Maglaris Warren and John "Shaggy" Klonowski (All Alpha Phi)

Ironically the next class in the official roster of Sigma Delta was going to be the ALPHA OMEGA class. This was going to be the last oppourtinity for the trio to restart the membership similar to as it previously was in years past.
After two successful rushes, they managed to get 11 pedges that started the Alpha Omega class. Amongst that class, 8 continued on as official members of Sigma Delta. The trio taught the new group with the help of a few select Alumni and managed to establish the name of Sigma Delta on campus once again. The next class (BETA BETA) had 15 members join the group.
It was clear that Sigma Delta was starting to thrive again due to their efforts.
Through a lot of hard work and preserverance, the group has managed to not fade away gently into the night. Thanks to those three and the classes that have been involved since, Sigma Delta is currently amongst the largest groups at Lewis University today. While it may never relive the Golden Years of hundreds of actives in the memebrship, it has certainly found a home in the hearts of the new Lewis community as well as the hearts of the Alumni who have watched the organization they all had a hand in building, survive this long.
Sigma Delta (With the exception of the BSU, non-greek and Delta Sigma Pi now a non-pledging honors organization) is the oldest social group in the IFC system.
Sigma Delta  will now be approaching the 40 year milestone in the coming years. We hope that if you are a student at Lewis reading this, and you would like to be a part of our small group, you'll look us up.
We are also hoping that if you are an alum of this fine organization that you come back and meet the men and women who continue what you started.
Thanks for reading.

30 Years - From Nov. 2nd 2002

35 YEARS - From Nov. 3rd 2007

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