The New Breed

Sing it.... What a man... What a man...
What a mighty... mighty... good man....

The lesson was learned by all attendees of this trip.
If you go, you will get the “fear”.


Rather then treat this as a bad thing, the members of Sigma Delta fed off of it. Why not go with the flow? So, our adventurers would become “fear” junkies and they welcomed the challenge of braving the woods of Baraboo from this point on.


The group of Sigma Delta proceeded to grow back at Lewis and with this would cause an influx of newer members who wanted in on the trip. The group from the third trip remained intact and added Kate “Skunk” Hafey as well as Tim “Gadget” Karkowski. These two individuals were known for liking Skunks and playing with Gadgets. Their nicknames were purely coincidental.

The next group of "Fear Junkies"
By the end of this trip... one will go streaking

The usual nonsense occurred, but in particular the Turbo Cups game was set up much earlier. With Boner and Magoo challenging each other, and stacking cans to the side, it was apparent that the game was here to stay.

Onlookers from other sites came to watch as the matches got longer, and the players got better.


To keep their stamina up, they would go to town and eat, then they would return to camp and eat.


Somewhere along the line, we had noticed that there were now 7 campers instead of 5. How could this have happened? After all these years of stories of “Fear”, it seemed to have attracted more people then it kept away. Magoo had joked with the others. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get like 10 of us to go one year?” (Oh, you poor, ignorant bastard)


On this trip, someone thought it would be a great idea to videotape the members, so we could see the “Fear” creeping up on us, and possibly have a record of events. On those tapes, you can see a variety of things. But something caught on film would be scarier then even that ghost in the curtains from “Three Men and A Baby”. (Possibly Tom Selleck’s greatest work).

There was footage of our own Shane “Greasy Pole” Muir seemingly transporting across the ground. And then at the last moment pouncing the camera. The group decided, that no more videos should be taken.

Tim didn't trust Shane...
Shane didn't trust Shane either.

Tim (Gadget) quickly lost his trust in Greasy Pole and thought he may be a vampire. He plotted against him at several points during the trip, however, Magoo explained that Greasy couldn’t be a vampire because the sun was out. Boner and Rainbow Brite however, did not dismiss the theory that he may be a “reverse vampire*”.

(*Thank you Lisa Simpson)


The night had come and luckily, Greasy Pole was not a vampire. But Gadget kept his knife on him, just in case. All the campers retired for the evening, but not even slumber would alleviate the “fear”. The Gods decided that this night, there would be a terrible storm, and they flooded the campgrounds with vicious, vicious water. This was unbeknownst to our camper Boner, who had not put his rain-fly on his tent, and was fast asleep. “GLUB GLLUHBH”.

Greasy Pole and Goofy who had been in the same tent decided to seek a dryer place to sleep. They attempted to wake Boner up, but they had no such luck, and said “F*@k it”. They left him there.

Jonah thought he was prepared for the rain...
Because he had his swim trunks on.

Later as six inches of water slowly went in his nostrils, he was quickly awakened and scared. Shivering and cold, he also sought shelter. And he found it in the form of Magoo’s truck. He laid on the front bench, but was too tall, so his stench encrusted feet dangled out the side of the truck, with the door open. For the rest of the trip, Magoo’s truck smelt like rain and feet.


After the Gods were pleased that they made Magoo’s truck reek, something else was happening…

Against their better judgment, Goofy and Skunk were prepping back up the Turbo Cups game. After several rounds of Goofy losing and losing and losing, he decided to make a wager with Skunk. (A wager that gives this story an “R” Rating, rather then PG-13). He bet that whoever lost the next match would have to streak across the campsite.


What Skunk did not realize is that Goofy is a hustler, and plays much better when the thought of a naked woman is on the line. And with his “hustle-powers” he drank and flipped as he had never done before. Skunk had lost, and with a cold draft behind her, she pranced around the campgrounds in nothing but a frowny face. =(

What? Did you actually think we'd post naked pics?
You sick, sick pervert.

After losing his car the previous year…

Goofy felt avenged and with a smile, he rode off into the sunset and has since overcome his “fear”. Perhaps one day he would return to the fabled grounds, but his mission was accomplished. He saw boobs, and was content.

He finally saw boobs and was happy...
...but he still had no car. Poor Chris

The campers all lived to tell these tales, but most of us forgot all the other fun stuff we did. Such is life.


What new adventures would our campers experience next year?

Only Baraboo knew for sure.

100% Historically accurate...

F&L IV - Statistics
Attendance: 7 Members (In Order of Seniority then Name)
Nicholas "Magoo" Prohl - Alpha Omega
Jonah "Boner" Schneider - Alpha Omega
Shane "Greasy Pole" Muir - Beta Beta
Chris "Goofy" Payne - Beta Gamma
Alison "Rainbow Brite" Oprzedek - Beta Zeta
Kate "Skunk" Hafey - Beta Kappa
Tim "Gadget" Karkowski - Beta Kappa

(Nope... The game wasn't formalized yet at this point... wait another year)


- This trip was the first to include all the members that went on a previous trip. The idea may have caught on!
- This was the first trip that had more then 5 people attend! Woo!
- Shane bought a Transformers Hockey Jersey
- Video clips exist of this trip as well. They are scary because they feature stop motion.
- Jonah had curly hair, he looks ridiculous.
- This trip was the first to use the Alpha Omega Mobile III.
- Tim probably sill owes me money for this trip.

31 Games?

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